Thursday, January 17, 2013

4 Drool-Worthy Recipe Blogs

Can you tell that I am writing this post shortly before lunch, and am sort of hungry? And that yesterday I was writing shortly after breakfast, and was also writing hungry? Remember the days when my brain wasn't full of food, and I had craft things to say? Maybe those will return next week. What if I take photos of my attempt at making bows for the puppy yesterday- would that help?  In the meantime, however... here are a couple of sites that have captured my heart and my taste buds and won't give them back.

The Pioneer Woman 
There is absolutely nothing about PW that I don't like. I love how she writes, I love how she cooks, and I love how she writes about how she cooks. My favorite recipe of hers is for her corn cheese chowder:

The Six Sisters
I both love and hate the six sisters. Have you ever seen a more adorable crop of related women? One look at them nearly sends me running for a corner to chew on my own hair. However- in lieu of hair chewing, I like to chew on their tasty desserts instead. Mama artist turned me on to this site recently- we made these tasty morsels on Christmas Eve morning: Breakfast Monkey Bread.

Pennies on a Platter
A couple of the links I set up yesterday linked back to this lovely blog- she has the BEST dinner recipes. On the sweet front, though, I have been dying to try out these bad boys:

Picky Palate 
I don't have kids yet (a fact for which I am constantly grateful, seeing as I can hardly manage the puppy most of the time), but I have a feeling that this site will probably save my life down the road. I can't quite remember what I have made from this site (the downside of pinterest), but here is something that I intend to make ASAP:

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