Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Changing it Up

Are you guys familiar with our wedding shrine? After the smartest and I's nuptials in 2011, I was SO excited to have photos of all of our family members. We are sort of a hard group to pin down, as my family is spread across the country, and his family is big enough that wrangling them into the same location takes months of planning. I eagerly ordered prints, and threw this on our wall:

And, as you can tell from the fact that most of the pictures are at least slightly crooked... I did indeed hang them by myself (I'm kidding... they aren't usually that crooked. The smartest would kill me). And I LOVE having this celebration of unity on our wall (and yes... people do make fun of me on a mostly regular basis). However, I have the spring fever. I am slowly being swallowed by an overwhelming desire to shake things up and change things around. Which is probably why I spent 2 hours yesterday cleaning out my kitchen cabinets:

But anyway- back to the point- I am pondering ways to dress up our walls just a smidge without breaking the bank. Here are a couple of things I'm thinking about:

Curiosities Clock 

Metallic Cardboard Letters

Watercolor Quotes

New Pillows

Book Pages Illustration

Family Illustration (yours truly)

What do you guys think- any suggestions that have jazzed up your walls?

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