Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Green Things and Skinny Dreams

Did I tell you that the smartest and I are making a pass at being more healthy? We even joined a gym, which is a big deal for us, because we are both slightly new-experience-new-people phobic. We are also trying to watch what we eat (I watched myself eat a marshmallow chocolate heart a few minutes ago... so take that for what you will). When we decided to "get fit" for our wedding- we collectively knocked out our weight goals without really straining- we exercised and ate well- but on the weekends we did pretty much whatever we wanted. And our evil plan worked- we were smokin hot on our wedding day.

When we decided to "get fit" this year- it was largely because our fit-ness from our wedding was most definitely gone, due to a hearty dose of apathy and the weird weather where we live. We decided that with some of the travels we have coming up this summer, it might be nice if we felt a little better about ourselves (and could maybe climb some stairs without having large amounts of difficulty breathing). So. We are back at it.

Want to know a secret? It is HARD. Apparently we have crossed the threshold into the age where your metabolism is no longer your friend, and you really can't fake fitness while sneaking french fries (I originally typed "french friends"- we don't have any of those but would definitely like some) on the weekend. Shucks. Here are a couple of the reasons I think we are having such a hard time (other than our deep rooted and misguided expectations and utter lack of patience on my part).

5 Reasons Being Healthy is hard for the smartest and I:

- Keeping healthy food in the house requires more upkeep. I generally buy all of my dry goods at the store at the beginning of the month in one fell swoop. Going out and hunting down veggies on a weekly or bi-weekly basis can be sort of a pain- particularly for all of you moms out there!

- Sweet teeth. That's right- I don't just have one sweet tooth- I have like 30. I LOVE me some sugar. And I also love baking- which is not super helpful when recipes are intended for 15 rather than 2 people.

- Healthy stuff isn't filling. The smartest deals with this more than I do- healthy stuff tends to be a lot less filling (which is sort of the point)- but at the end of a long work day, the last thing he really wants to be is hungry. Sometimes you just need a burger, you know?

- Results are sloooooooooow. Doing something that you don't really want to isn't super fun if you aren't getting anything visible out of it. As previously mentioned- I am incredibly impatient. The smartest is definitely more patient than I am... which is good, seeing as he is married to me. He needs all the patience he can get.

- Unhealthy stuff tastes good. If unhealthy stuff tasted gross... we really wouldn't have a problem. Apparently there are all manner of ways to make healthy food taste awesome, but I am still discovering what they are. The smartest and I have a super hard time with salt cravings- we love us some Chili's chips and ranch. Cucumber salad is good... but it just isn't the same.

Have I completely discouraged you yet? No worries... I have some answers to these questions in the works that will be coming soon. Maybe after that, you and I can solve world peace and cure the common cold.

Ps- I recently realized I have the most abysmal posture known to man. Next time you see me slouching- please flick me in the earlobe and tell me to sit up straight.

Pps- Sorry for my lack of photos. Here is a random puppy photo to make up for it:

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