Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 Ways to Update Your House on the Cheap

Do you guys have spring fever as much as I do? I mean the "spring cleaning" sort of spring fever, not the "spring allergies" sort of fever (though I definitely do have the second, what is the DEAL March, why do you hate my nostrils?) I am getting that itchy "I-want-to-change-things-immediately-or-my-head-might-explode" feeling at least once a day... and I am on the verge of running out of things to organize.

In leu of continual organization, I am pondering a leap into some decor updates that don't break the bank. Here are a couple of things that have been rolling around in my mind lately:

Make Tablecloth Curtains
For those of you who are nearly as sewing challenged as I am, no sew curtains are a lot more manageable than making curtains from scratch. Basically, if you find 2 table clothes you like, you can hang them as curtains with those very clever clip rings, and still be able to use them as tablecloths in the future.

New Tablecloth
Speaking of Tablecloths, adding a little pop of color to your table might be the easiest solution for livening up your space.

New Bed Set
I hate buying bedding. Our bed is a weird size, and basically no bedding fits it the way it is meant to, which makes shopping for it a pretty unrewarding experience. However- you might not have a horrible disfigured bed, and might actually have the option of adding a sweet comforter to your life. You lucky dog you.

Make New Art
There are a ton of ways to make art without making your wallet weep. You can frame everything from scrapbook paper to pages from children's books. I framed a couple of pages from one of the smartest's old books that had really bold illustrations and it came out really cute!

Make Outdoor Pillows
With summertime careening toward us with all of the speed of an inebriated bumble bee, I am spending my awkward spring weather days dreaming up ideas for summer (and I'm sure I will spend my summer dreaming of fall, its a character flaw). Making outdoor pillows out of vinyl tablecloths is super easy and really affordable- and WAY cheaper than dropping $40 on 4 pillows at Walmart.

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