Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mean Ol' Target

Target is one of my absolute favorite places. I actually have to avoid it for the most part, lest I spend the smartest and I's retirement there... but I love it. Usually.

Yesterday, I grabbed some long jean shorts without trying them on. I was too busy doing a happy dance for long shorts being back in style to actually try the things on... but I grabbed the same size as the shorts I was wearing. I brought them home...

and they didn't fit.

So this morning, I dropped by and returned my non-fitting shorts. And went to the rack and grabbed a size up. And drug myself to the fitting room and tried them on.

And they didn't FIT.

I revisited the rack and grabbed a size above THAT.

And they DID fit.

But they are 5 numbers above the size I usually wear. Which is like 2 sizes. Mean. Mean ol' Target, trying to give me a complex.

For those of you with gargantuan legs like mine- Target has long jean shorts! Yay! Just... um... don't take the sizing personally.

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