Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Puppy Update

This week's puppy update is brought to you by: eyeballs, turns out our puppy has them. I know it's only Tuesday- but the puppy has already had a pretty busy week, consisting of:

- The smartest deciding we should teach her the "chin nod" when we say "what's up". Will definitely keep you posted.

- Her first trip to the groomer! She is now the proud owner of two eyeballs, which were previously completely obscured by fluff. It turns out her eyes are impressively huge- who knew? She is also incredibly soft and smells like a bad of potpourri... a phenomena that I expect to last for exactly 24 hours.

- I was about to write that she had been accident free for 3 days... but she chose this exact moment to pop a squat on the kitchen floor, so that would no longer be accurate. However- she did wake up from a nap today and actually go to the door to be let out to do her business, rather than making a run for hallway like she usually does, so maybe we will count that as progress.

- She knows "sit" "lay" "stand" and today did "shake" several times successfully, so she is moving right along in the education department. Want to see? I snagged a video of her and the smartest doing our "tricks", below.

- She is enamored with this funny little coin purse with a keychain that I gave her to chew on the other day. She carries it in her mouth like a purse from room to room, completely entertained for reasons that are exceedingly puzzling to me.

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