Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 Pinkly Awesome Valentine's Day Ideas

I am a holiday junkie. I love basically any excuse to make the smartest consume themed food, or completely attack our house with fun colors and shapes. Pink cookies make me smile... giant clovers dance in my dreams (ok, that part isn't entirely accurate)- and holidays generally make the bore that is the winter/spring a little more more living.

Here are 5 ideas I am completely in love with for this V-day:

Conversation Heart Decoration

These conversation heart signs are SO adorable. I really kind of want to give this a go- I think I could abscond with all of the materials from Hobby Lobby.

Buttermilk Cherry Cupcakes

I'm on a cupcake kick as of late (which is doing wonders for the smartest and I's weight loss plans... wonders in the way of completely stopping all progress with glorious amounts of frosting).

Red Velvet Puppy Chow

The smartest loves him some red velvet cake. I love me some adorable heart shaped confetti. It stands to reason that we will be able to agree on this dessert... right?

Chocolate Dipped Cherries

I think I am attracted to these because they have adorable silver sprinkles on them, which makes them shiny. I'm not above admitting my affinity for shiny objects... or the fact that cherries are quite possibly my favorite fruit.

Heart Milk Cubes

As your milk cubes melt... they turn your milk pink. Cute. Heart shapes make everything better. Even milk.

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