Tuesday, February 5, 2013


In puppy news this week:

The puppy is TEETHING! She has started going through her little chew bones with surprising speed. Poor little puppy- she is cutting two top teeth at the moment and is chewing everything she can get her paws on. Speaking of paws... she uses hers like hands to hold her chew toys in place- it completely freaks the smartest out.

She has also taken to "helping" me with the laundry- she steals socks and hides them in various places... like the yard. I would stop her... but they aren't my socks:)

She has also developed an affinity for laps. Her favorite pass time at the moment is to wait for me to sit down cross legged on the floor, find a bone and come sit in between my legs and chew until she falls asleep. It is pretty much adorable.

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