Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pup-Date: Graduated!

It's been awhile since I nauseated everyone with a gushing review of the puppy's life, hasn't it? If you aren't really in the mood for puppy-gushing... I would recommend you go and read Young House Love's travel tips instead of reading any further. If you ARE in the mood to know what the puppy is up to- the wait is over!

We graduated from puppy class on Monday night. We had to demonstrate "watch me", "sit", "down", "leave it" "stay" and "shake". We also threw in "wave" and "high five", just for fun. She did SO good- usually stay is pretty hard for her, but she completely nailed it. After we finished our little course, we received a certificate and took photos with the tiniest graduation hat I have ever seen.

The puppy loves to be in the kitchen with me (possibly because I feed her vegetables whenever I am cutting them up for dinner). Usually the scene looks something like this:

I bought her a bunny that is roughly her size in the after easter sale. She loves to wrestle with it and drag it from room to room.

She still occasionally wants to sleep on my lap while I work. Mostly she is fine to sleep on the floor- but some days she really wants lap time. Which is one sure way to make sure I get nothing done, because all I want to do is pet her.

She also gets to go with us more places now that she has some leash etiquette- and she is quite the little conversation starter. Everyone wants to say hello to her, basically always.

We visit the groomer once every month or so. The groomer usually puts a bow in her hair, which I have divided feelings about, depending on the day. Almost always I take it out within the first 3 hours of her being home- because she is un-threatening enough without sporting a bow on top of her head.

She lost her first tooth on Monday. It was appropriately alarming. I pretended it was perfectly normal. Also- she says "hi".

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