Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Sophistication Paradox

Recently, I have been watching a bit of Project Runway. My favorite part is always the unconventional material challenge, because making a dress out of gum-balls is infinitely more fun to watch than yet another feather related breakdown. The issue with Project Runway, unfortunately, is that it makes me want to be fashionable. With all of the draping and sophistication, watching the show in my cut off shorts and t-shirt makes me feel like quite the inferior creature.

Not only does it make me feel like dressing better would make me into a real human that does her hair and doesn't sneak leftover jelly beans between lunch and dinner, it ALSO makes me feel like it is reasonable to spend $60 on a shirt or $200 on a dress. Which is quite the comparison to my current philosophy of "Meh. $5 might be a little steep for that t-shirt. Maybe they will go on clearance".

Recently, I fell in love with this little number:

This shirt is $48 plus shipping. But it looks so warm and fuzzy, right? Although warm and fuzzy isn't exactly the same thing as being sophisticated, I am in love with this shirt.

Before I pulled the trigger and bought this delightful bundle of cozy, I went out to do a little thrifting. I was on the hunt for a dress to wear to a 1920's birthday party this weekend, and wanted to see what I could get for the $48, if I decided to stick to my current clothing buying philosophy.

For a whopping total of $26.52 cents, here are my finds:

2 dresses (the black one is sort of fluffy flapper-esque, so I'm hoping to bust that out for the party this weekend)

2 sweaters

1 t-shirt to cheer on our favorite NBA team

1 pair of pants, not only in my size, but also "long", which allows them to cover my overly lengthy lower extremities.

More bang for your buck? For sure. Equally as fashionable? Depends on your taste. $22 left over for nail polish and jelly beans? Priceless.

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