Thursday, April 4, 2013

Branding Identity Crisis

I am in the process of creating new business cards. Thinking about business cards got me thinking about my logo, and whether or not it could do with a bit of an update now that my shop is up and running and has a bit more of flavor to it.

My current logo is this little piece of sunshine:

I designed it based on my initials "r" and "b" (bonus points to you if you can locate the "r") and a pale and sort of unassuming color scheme. I originally thought that I should go sort of muted to appeal to a wider audience- since I do serious AND cutesy work instead of one or the other.


Recently I've been experiencing a little bit of a "bold" problem- and really loving some salmons, turquoises and mustard yellows. What can I say- I'm a walking talking oxymoron.

So here are a couple of the card ideas I've been pondering- none of which actually have all of the bits and pieces I am hoping to include. What do you think- are the illustrations to random/cutesy?


  1. I really like the added pop of salmon on the grey and I love the "what will you celebrate" line! Personally I would stick with your current logo (its cute and simple) but change up the color scheme

  2. Hi Katie!

    Thank you SO much for your input- I want to hug you for taking time to let me know what you think! I have been wondering about the "celebrate" line- it was so encouraging to hear that you like it too! I am doing another set of cards based on everyone's feedback- so stay tuned for the new and hopefully improved set!

    - the artist