Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Here and There: An Artist Family Comparison

As you are probably aware, the artist family is sprinkled across the majority of the country. That means that at any given moment, our family can be experiencing the full spectrum of weather, from snow to a balmy 90 degrees. This week is an excellent example.

Today, the view from my front porch looks like this:

But mama and papa artist are seeing this:

My  yard is greening up after a TON of rain (and hail):

And their yard is probably green under their 2 feet of snow:

Our weekend activities involved tall buildings and big crowds:

Their weekend activities involved tall mountains and big spaces:

Our local wildlife looks something like this:

But their local wildlife is a bit less fluffy, and a bit more wild:

Widely spread are the roots of the artist family. Widely, widely spread. A special thank you to mama artist for letting be utilize her beautiful photos!

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