Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Puppy Art

You guys are painfully aware of my recent quest to decorate my walls, right? Painfully, painfully aware. I did some trolling around online, looking for wall-worthy art, and I stumbled across this gem of a shop: Lamanda Designs. The shop is run by a gal named Lisa, who happens to be an incredibly talented artist. Observe:

I begged the smartest to let me buy one of the puppy- and he conceded! It came in the mail yesterday, and I am SO excited. Any of you who have pets... you can expect one of these for your next major holiday. I haven't taken it out of its plastic sleeve yet- I am waiting until I am done with the havoc currently taking over my dining room table as I prepare to actually start hanging things. I know. I know. You thought it would never happen.

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