Monday, May 6, 2013

Sister Time

Guess who got to spend time with the best sister in the world this weekend? My sister. Just kidding- it was me- I got to spend time with one of my most favoritest people (that's right- my affection requires made up words to be expressed. Take that Shakespeare).

The BHO took me to a Piano Guys concert. Who are the piano guys, you ask? Courtesy of the powers of the internet:

They were amazing. They are every bit as excellent in person as in their videos- and SO funny. It was a fantastic experience.

In addition to our sisterly bonding, we managed to find a bit of time to work on project "lets-make-the-walls-pretty". You'll note in this photo how far away I am from the power tools. After I had a little mishap that led to the laundry room shelves collapsing on me in a spray of cleaning supplies and detergent... it was voted that I stay away from important things like siblings... spouses... and power tools.

We even re-covered the ottoman that the artist parents helped us make here, an action made necessary by a certain puppy who has an affinity for mud and much faster reflexes than I do.

Thank you for visiting BHO- I miss you already!

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