Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Designer's Block

Yesterday morning, I woke up looking forward to a bit of design time. Most days I spend fulfilling orders (um, YAY, thank you awesome clients) but when I have lulls, I try to make pretty things to add to the shop. Yesterday I had a smidge of time that fell into the "lull" category, and rather than organizing my paperwork the way a responsible business owner would- I decided to stretch my design muscles a bit.

Apparently I forgot to mention it to my muscles in advance... and they did NOT return from vacation the way they were supposed to. I worked and pondered and brainstormed... and this is the only thing I have to show for my labors:

I took a break for lunch, took the puppy for a walk, filled a few orders, and came back to the designing. I was determined to create something outside my normal realm of design work- to better serve a wider variety of brides. After a few hours of wrestling, I ended up with this:

The colors are definitely a departure from my regular style. And my design muscles are officially sore.

1 comment:

  1. Wow I love those invites! If I would have seen those not on your blog, I never would have guessed you made them (because they are so different from your normal style) but I love them!