Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Today, I forgot to wear shoes

I don't wear shoes much. It was one of the things I liked the most about working from home, actually. In the summer I go barefoot, and in the winter I wear fuzzy boots, and in my book that makes life just about perfect. Since its July and I am hanging out at home with the tiny human most of the time, I don't wear shoes, except when we go out on errands or to play at Target because we're bored and it has pretty things. 

Today was an errand day. We had an appointment for the dog to get groomed at 8:00, which wouldn't be so bad except that the place we go is 45 minutes away (I know, you don't have to tell me. I do this to myself. What the heck kind of person drives 45 minutes to get their dog groomed? The kind with a neurotic shih tzu who has people issues.) I got us up, and dressed and fed and dressed again after a diaper blow out, and got the dog's crate in the car, and her leash and the baby carrier and the diaper bag and the bottle I was going to feed the baby after she woke up from (hopefully) napping in the car on the drive there. I even took out the trash, rinsed the can since the bag had leaked, and managed to grab a gatorade for the drive. I was killing it as a mama this morning. 

The drive itself was good. The baby didn't sleep, but she didn't cry, so that's always a win. The country station played good music and no commercials, and the dog didn't run in place in her crate like she does sometimes when she is bored in the car. We got to the groomer at 7:55, giving us just enough time to walk the dog a bit to help her go to the bathroom before we dropped her off. I turned the car off and fumbled around on the floorboards for my shoes, since I sometimes drive barefoot in the summer. 

But I hadn't brought any shoes. 

After gathering everything so meticulously... I had forgotten shoes. SHOES. Are you kidding me? I hadn't felt tired or compromised up until that moment... but maybe I'm a little more exhausted than I think I am. Shoes. I forgot my own shoes. 

Fortunately, my groomer is amazing and happened to come out just as we got there, and upon learning of my footwear predicament said she would take the puppy on her potty break before taking her in. I believe her exact words, once she was done laughing, were 'well, you're officially a mom now.' 

So there you have it. Proof of my motherhood. I have a puppy with a cute hair cut, an adorable kid, a lack of mental fortitude, and slightly sore feet. I'll take it. 

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