Monday, July 10, 2017

Newborns make you write slow

There's a few funny things about having a baby in the house when it comes to things like writing. First of all, particularly early on, I had a hard time thinking of the word that I was trying to say. There was a lot of me, staring blankly at my computer, then trying to hit up the Thesaurus to see what I had been thinking.

A different, but related, issue I started to have was spelling words they way they sounded. I'd like to say this has passed... but to be truthful I typed 'turnt' instead of 'turned' just last week, so, clearly my mental status is improving.

Another piece of the 'why I'm writing so slowly' puzzle involves a lack of space in my lap. When the tiny human was a bit more tiny, I held her a lot during naps. And since the puppy loves a good nap, she would also join the party. Leaving my lap looking like this:

I did quite a bit of single handed typing during the early months, when I could remember the word I wanted to write and how it was spelled.

These days, I have a different issue. I'm trying to balance running the house, raising the kid, and attempting to redefine myself all at the same time. Writing feels silly, like a luxury, which tells me I'm not taking myself seriously as a writer. I'm working on that- taking part of a nap time each day to write (though at the moment, I'm finding blogging to be much easier than writing on novel number 2). I'm even kicking around the idea of starting a secondary blog for all things tiny-human. But we will see- my ambition may wear off after a few more 'I-know-I-used-to-sleep-but-now-I'm-teething' nights, brought to me by my offspring.

Anyway, for those of you hoping for a writing update, I'm on chapter 10 of the new novel. I've been changing the outline a bit as I go, but I think it is mostly coming along nicely. This is the roughest rough draft I've ever put together, which is hard for me because I want to stop and make it pretty and not leave blanks or notes to myself like 'fill in 4 pages here'. But alas. Sometimes blanks and notes are what keep the writing going, so I'll take it.

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