Friday, July 7, 2017

Tiny Human Blog: I'm Baaaaaaaaack

Did you miss me? I know, I know. It has been a looooong time since my last post. Long time. Like almost 6 months of a long time.

Allow me to address your questions in order:

Yes! We had the tiny human. She is fantastic and perfect and all the wonderful things. She is 4.5 months old and just a little ball of miracle.

We are doing well! Lots to learn (which changes every day by the way) but we are getting the hang of it. She likes to change the game just as we start to get a handle on things- but that's how we know she's our kid.

Nope... probably not. I probably won't post super regularly. I might... but I might not. I'm enjoying a little more freedom in my life than in the past. Having the shop closed down has allowed me to really engage as a parent and I like that flexibility. I'll post sometimes. Maybe more than sometimes. We will see!

How's that book coming? I am currently waiting on an agent who has requested my full manuscript. I'm trying hard not to geek out about it, but this agent is pretty cool. As in, we would be friends if she didn't live 7 states away cool. I'm working hard not to obsess... though I may be stalking her twitter feed with the ferocity of a very hungry caterpillar.

Why'd you come back? If I'm not planning to post constantly... then what am I doing teasing you with the occasional drive by? I don't know. I was missing writing something other than novel number 2, and as I learn more/drown daily in this new parent stuff, I thought maybe writing about it could help other learners/drowners in the baby world.

So... this is going to be a baby blog now? Make up your MIND woman. I know- this blog has definitely run the gambit of topics. Remember when we started and I was planning my wedding? And totally photo stalking my family (which is why I deactivated the old blog, btw). And then came the Etsy shop, and lots of travel... and then I started talking more business and writing, and then started posting about the tiny human. I really don't know what the blog will be about. I do have some tiny human info that I'm anxious to share with any mamas out there, but I hope to have info about writing to share (cross your fingers, everyone) and just general life and things. Then again... I could also go underground for another 6 months if I see my shadow... so... it may not be an issue.

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