Monday, June 10, 2013

In LOVE with this illustrator

Yesterday, I was lolligagging around online whilst the smartest studied for the 109th consecutive hour, and I came across this website:

Love vs Design

I love them. I want to be one of them. One day, when I am grown up and awesome, maybe they will sell something that I have made. As I prowled the website, dreaming dreams of excellence, I started leafing through their artists' bios. And here I came upon a gal named KitKat Pecson. Who does amazingly intricate illustrations*. Like these:

Who else is dying to put these on the wall in every room of their house? SO pretty.
What illustrators have you drooling? Anyone? Anyone think that if I hung these on my offspring from the (ahem, far) future's walls that it would be overstimulation central?

*As every illustrator seems to... she also does some work that I would NOT want to put on my wall. Like naked people. You might not go check her out if you are not a big fan of naked illustrated people- or if you are at work and your boss is behind you. They aren't vulgar, but not for everyone (me included).

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