Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yellow Polka-Dot Hunt

Recently, I've been on the hunt for a new swimsuit. That's not why I've been a horribly slacky blogger (that's just because I am a horribly slacky blogger, and have been busy with the shop YAY)- but its something that I've been doing in between orders and long puppy walks. Anyway. 

I am in need of a swim suite that doesn't tie. I have been informed that things that tie tend to disagree with waves, so in preparation for any waves I may meet, I have been searching for a non-tying bathing suit. And possibly a suit that isn't a bikini. Because options are good. Right? 

The point. Right. I was getting to a point. In a flash of kismet- a few friends of mine have been talking about Reys Swimwear recently, and I thought I would pass along these gorgeous little morsels to you, my bloggy buddies:

I actually bought a lovely little number from Target:

While at Target, I discovered that this year's swimsuit trend is all about the push-up. Does anyone else want to skip this trend? 

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