Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY 2 Seam Infinity Scarf

Over the weekend, I busted out Ol' Bessie, which is what I have decided to call my very old but delightfully functional inherited sewing machine. I had a specific project that I was tasked with that made facing my old enemy necessary, but its very hush hush, so I won't be sharing about it just yet.

As I'm sure you remember from my last few forays into the sewing world... I'm not very good. And I have to call mama artist at least once, if not fifty times, to ask simple questions like "how do you thread this thing" and "oops. is that supposed to come off". This go round even featured papa artist as a camera man while mama artist and I face timed... and discovered my underlying sewing issue.

You have to put the foot down.

I could just die of embarrassment- I mean, who DOESN'T know that? Of course you need to put the foot down. Otherwise you get really shoddy work, like everything I've made in the last 2 years.

Anyway- now that I've bored you with my stories of being a sewing moron, the promised tutorial for making this bad boy:

2 Seam Infinity Scarf

What you need:
1.5 yards of fabric (I actually used 1 and 3/8, because it was the end of a bolt. It was knit. And striped)
Sewing Machine

What you do:

1). Firstly we need to cut your fabric. Fold your fabric in half (it probably is already from the store, but just in case), then fold it in half again. Your resulting piece will be a few inches wider than a foot. Using the fold as a guide, cut your fabric down the length, so that you end up with 3 pieces (one of which is still folded. You could cut it into 4 pieces and sew them together, but it very clearly states in the apathy handbook that you will be flogged for such practices.

1.5). Make sure to face that the inside of your folded fabric is the two pretty sides- so that when you turn it right side out later you get the pretty vibrant side of your fabric rather than the muted side.

2). Pin the non-folded sides together, pinning the top and bottom layers together.

3). Sew your pieces together, using the 5/8 marking on your sewing machine. Make sure to start, then back stitch, then go forward again, to keep things secure.

4). After you sew the length of your fabric, trim your threads. You will be left with a loooooong fabric tube.

5). Turn your tub right side out- and center your seam on the "back"

6). Tuck one end of your tube into the other, pinning them together on the same side as the seam you just finished. Something I wish I had done- make sure that your edges are relatively straight. If not, take a minute to trim them until they are pretty straight.

7). Sew your ends together.

8). Trim the fabric as close to your seam as possible. This actually worked quite a bit better than I expected, so that was an exciting moment.

Tadah! A 2 seam infinity scarf. Brought to you by not-a-seamstress. You can wear it 3 ways- which makes it thrice as awesome, no?

And in case you were wondering what the puppy gets up to when I'm feeling crafty... she's never far away.