Monday, September 9, 2013

B is for Bon Voyage: Paris (getting there)

I've been MIA for awhile. You probably thought that my infinity scarf strangled me in my sleep. Never fear, my neck is intact and my camera is brimming- because we have been doing a touch of traveling in France!

2 Mondays ago dawned with my intentions of getting the shop ready to close peacefully and getting us packed days in advance... only to be thwarted by a stomach bug the likes of which I sincerely hope to never meet again. I had grand plans of setting up some tasty tidbits for you to read while I snuck away on my first trip overseas... but instead I ended up just barely managing to get my orders wrapped up before we boarded our flight early Friday morning. On the plus side... the stomach bug didn't follow me overseas, a fact for which I am supremely grateful. Here's a little peek at the frantic packing process, which turned from backpack into rolly carry-on when the zipper on the matching backpack broke and we lost all faith in its capability not to do the same:

We flew from our hometown to Atlanta, and had a little 4 hour playtime to marvel at their pretty glass sculptures before we hopped on the biggest plane I've ever been on (though since my average plane size is a 25 seater prop plane from Denver to the northern parts, most things probably would have seemed huge).

Never having been on a flight longer than 3 hours before, I was apprehensive about keeping myself occupied. As it turned out, airplanes these days have a delightful collection of movies designed to keep people like me from punching their husband repeatedly whilst he sleeps because they are bored. They also have a surprising amount of food to offer.

We hit the ground running in Paris at 8:00 AM- and spent an inordinate amount of time attempting to determine how best to deliver our luggage to our hotel so we could see the sights sans rolly bags. Eventually we got it sorted- and checked the first thing off of our travel list: eat at a foreign McDonalds. McDonalds over there is quite a bit more like a coffee shop and less like a burger joint, which was a fun  change.

Next up- a trip to the Louvre, the Orangerie and what my hair does when I've been awake for more than 38 hours.

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