Monday, September 9, 2013

B is for Bon Voyage: Paris pt 1

After filling our tanks with tasty McDonalds goodness, we trotted over to the Louvre (and by trotted, I mean attempted to navigate the Metro system with limited amounts of success). I'm not 100% sure what I was expecting from the Louvre- but it definitely blew whatever I thought it might be right out of the water.

Everything about the Louvre was incredibly detailed... but also incredibly large. Which are two components you don't find together often. I spent just as much time marveling at the architecture as I did at the art. We explored precisely 1 wing (the Denton wing) before we had to go on our way to make sure we saw at least most of the sights in our 2 day time frame.

We saw the Mona Lisa, which I had been warned was underwhelming. I had so throughly been warned, as a matter of fact, that I was actually not  underwhelmed at all. It was very pretty, and rather larger than I was expected.

We saw some other famous paintings that I learned about in Art History (see Mr. P, I completely WAS paying attention) which was actually kind of cooler than I expected.

I surprised Kirk by printing out our vows and packing them so that we could take our annual anniversary photo while we were in Paris. He was a great sport about it (all 19 times that I made him).

After we sent the best friend a postcard from the Louvre post office, we headed across the gardens that connect the Louvre to the Orangerie, which is home to Monet's Water Lilies. We had some tasty currant and coffee ice cream as we walked, and did some fun people watching.

To be honest, I was disappointed in the Orangerie. The Water Lilies were okish- but I didn't really get what the hooplah was about (I know- the arts community is rising against me in anger, I can feel it). There WAS a fun miniature replica of an office that was intriguing, though. If we had to do it again- I would have spent the extra time in the Louvre, rather than visiting the Orangerie at all.

After the Orangerie, we trekked back across town to the hotel so we could check in and change, and make our 10:00 reservations at the Eiffel Tower, which I will share in delightful detail tomorrow!

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