Thursday, November 7, 2013

B is for Bon Voyage: London (The Natural History Museum)

Afters oaring over the heights of London, we decided to take the tube back over to the Natural History Museum, which happened to be open extra late because it was a Friday night. We spent a bit of time lolligagging (not a google recognized word, by the way) outside, enjoying people watching and watching dusk settle over the fountain and lions. And Glen, the blue chicken.

The museum was really fun- they had a big room filled with different sizes of mammals. Blue whales are BIG you guys- so much bigger than pretty much anything else.

There was also an extensive dinosaur exhibit, which was an interesting read.

We didn't have time to explore as much as we wanted- we were in a battle with our very sore feet and tired legs, and they were on the verge of beating us into submission. We did catch the highlights though- like the enormous tree piece on the third floor. In grade school, we learned how to read a tree's rings- but there were handy signs for those who did NOT go to one of the very interesting schools in the great North West.

We stumbled off to a coffee shop to grab some dinner (and by dinner I do mean to use their wireless) and eventually made our way back to the hotel, where we topped the day off with a milkshake, and proceeded to have intense insomnia thanks to our late night coffee exploits.

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