Wednesday, November 20, 2013

B is for Bon Voyage: London (Wellington Arch)

On Sunday morning, we decided to wanted to go by the Wellington Arch, and wander through Hyde Park. We opted to do this early in the morning- since it was open, and the rest of the world was closed. It was cloudy, but beautiful, so we stopped and took a couple of photos of the arch.

Midway through the photos, it began to drizzle. But we assumed that the drizzle would pass, much like it had during our bus tour a couple of days before.

Here's the fountain we crouched under while we realized how very wrong we were:

We decided not to let a little rain stop our quest- so we continued to wander about the park and enjoy the very beautiful scenery:

And eventually we even found the lake:

After a bit of confusion, we even found our way to the closest tube station- where we purchased an umbrella... roughly 45 minutes too late. Let's just say that wearing sweaters in the rain was NOT the brightest choice we ever made, and we spent a slightly chilly train ride regretting our lack of weather appropriate clothing.

Next: We roam about Windsor Castle. And discover why you shouldn't take the tube on Sundays.

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