Monday, November 25, 2013

B is for Bon Voyage: London (Windsor Castle)

Our next (wet) stop was Windsor Castle. Which is about a 45 minute train ride out of town, which gave us nearly enough time to dry by the time we finally poked our heads out into the sunshine to trot up to Windsor Castle.

The interior of the castle was amazing- we toured several of the living quarters and saw the rooms that are used for things like fancy dinners and entertaining in days of old (and some of them still). My overwhelming thought... was that someone should really give the queen a break and buy her a comfy chair. Because I don't think that the chairs they made back in the 1700s were quite as comfy as the work that some of our recliner companies have done as of late.

As we walked through one of the King's sitting rooms, we got to see the queen's car as it left for church- which was pretty nifty!

After we had our fill of the castle, we found a cafe that specialized in cinnamon toast, which is sort of a family tradition in the artist household. It was TASTY.

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