Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines day, 3 years apart

The smartest and I went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Civic Center for Valentines day. We walked in... picked up a program... and I was suddenly gripped with the feeling that we had done this before.

Surely not. I must be imagining things.

We went in, sat down, and peered at the stage. I could have sworn that I recognized the stage- the glowing rose and the framework.

No possible way. We have absolutely not seen this play before. Right?

Wrong. A bit of research (who says that my creepy blogging isn't useful) revealed that exactly 3 years before, the smartest and I attended a broadway production of Beauty and the Beast. For Valentines day. At the same theater. In the same seats, one row up.

How. Hilariously. Embarrassing.



To be fair, in 2011, the smartest and I were in the beginning stages of wedding planning, and about to close on our house. So our minds were probably pretty full of other, non-theater related things. But still.

I even wore the same necklace on both occasions. We are creatures of habit, evidentially.

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