Friday, May 9, 2014

Surprise! New House!

You guys know how I said that there was a good reason for my sudden onset of absolutely-zero-blogginess?

There is. We... moved.

We've been pondering moving for awhile now, and had been casually looking at occasional houses for about 6 months or so. We had quite the list of criteria- so much of a list that we actually didn't really think we could find everything we were looking for. A couple of things we really really wanted were:

- A shop or outbuilding for the smartest (preferably with a concrete floor, to decrease likelihood of fire when he... lights things on fire)
- An office and 3 bedrooms. Since we one day may decide to have little humans... one day. In the far. Far. FAR future. And we want family to come and love those little humans. In the far. Far. FAR future.
- Trees
- Space
- A partially fenced yard
- More kitchen space
- A porch

The smartest and I started looking in different towns that are within striking distance of the town we went to college in, and started to toy with the idea of moving somewhere a bit more rural. As it turns out- the culture  differences that I struggle with so much in Oklahoma aren't necessarily Oklahoma related- they are more related to rural vs suburbs. Who knew? Once we opened our search to some additional locations...

... We found the perfect house.

It was bizarre and incredibly fast (but while it was happening... it felt incredibly slow). We still can't believe it. We moved a week ago today (with the help of fabulous friends- thanks guys you are amazing!) and are love love LOVING it here so far. I promise to share many photos- we've already tackled painting 2 rooms so I will give you a little peek of those soon. In the meantime- I will be unpacking with the help of these little imps:

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  1. Love it!! Congrats and can't wait to see pictures!!