Thursday, June 12, 2014

House Update: Office

In honor of your incredible patience on the utter lack of photos we have provided of the new digs, today I have a little peek at the room I spend 90% of my time in...

The office!

When we found the house, the office looked like this:

I didn't love the purple. And by didn't love, I mean truly hated. This was one of the rooms we painted in the 2 day period between "yay the house is ours" and "oh crud, we have to move everything we own". That's how motivated I was by the purple, ya'll.

The puppy was a trouper. She spent most of our painting time sleeping on top of her crate. Unless I was on the ground, in which case she spent her time invading my personal space.

The first week of living in the house, I finally unpacked everything and sort of haphazardly tossed things into shelves and arranged them in a tolerable fashion. And celebrated the fact that the papasan chair has come back from its journey to the attic.

Last night, whilst the smartest was working away on something highly technical, I decided it was time to really take a swing at making the office a space that I like rather than tolerate.

Its definitely closer. I need to put photos on the walls, hang curtains, buy a light (oh yeah- did I mention that there isn't a light?) etc, but it is a far cry from where we started. Speaking of far cry... I still can't believe I have my OWN ROOM for my office. It is just so incredibly amazing to have a little bit more space!

Ps- want to see something creepy? Blood splatter blinds. Don't worry- these are going to go. And soon. I actually tried to take them down yesterday but they are held up by an impenetrable force. And that force is likely my utter lack of upper body strength.

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  1. The white paint really brought life into the room. You really did an awesome job with the painting. The office is looking organized, although some more accents can be brought to improve the space. I hope you got those blinds replaced, by some lovely drapes perhaps? All the best! :)

    Tamas Orban @ Palm Beach