Monday, August 25, 2014

House Update: The Rug Life

This has been a house of many firsts. My first turtle experience... my first snake experience... my first cabinet space plethora experience... and my first rug experience. Last month, the smartest and I bought our first ever rug. Can I just say that rug-buying is way harder than I anticipated? As it turns out... I'm a tad picky (who's surprised).

I started browsing rugs back in May, when we realized that in addition to needing to warm up our living room space... that the puppy couldn't jump from the wood floor to the furniture. She kept running full speed into things, which didn't seem awesome, so I decided to bump purchasing a rug to the top of the priority list (all because my dog, like me, is uncoordinated) I hunted around online, looked at all of the cheap places I could think of, but I just couldn't find anything that was the size we needed. Which was big. Because the living room is a large space (yay).

When the BHO and I were purchasing the door that would later become the painting for my office, we stopped by the Lowes rug section. Lowes and behold (pun intended) we found not one, but 3 rugs that I actually liked. Cue angels singing.

After dragging the smartest there a couple of days later, we decided that we did in fact love one of the rugs, And that it needed to come home with us. In our teeny, tiny car. Which has a magical ability to fit all manner of things that you wouldn't expect.

We got the room all set up, and rejoiced in how happy and colorful the room felt.

Note that the puppy has already climbed to her designated couch perch in the photo above... she is fond of the new rug.

Little did we know... a big living room furniture change would occur sooner than later.  More on that soon!

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