Wednesday, August 20, 2014

House Updates: The great weed battle of 2014

I have been getting some questions about our house lately. Questions like "Hey. Is your house still standing? Yes? Where are those pictures you promised us?" and "So how are those house projects coming along?" Here to put your fears to rest... the house is indeed still standing, and even slowly growing from an untamable stallion into a... less untamable stallion.

We haven't had as much time as we expected to work on the house this summer (can I get a hallelujah- my brides have been AMAZING and I have been so blessedly busy with work!) but we have slowly been conquering smaller tasks.

Back in July, the weeds along the sidewalk at the front of our house had gotten a bit unmanageable. To the point where I had to pick the puppy up and put her past them in the yard, because she couldn't actually jump over them or walk through them. We spent a morning with weed eater and pruners in hand, and took that mess from this:

to this:

Spurred by that accomplishment, last weekend we conquered one of the other trouble spots in the yard- the mail box area of death. We have this very unique (and incredibly friendly) vine/ivy business that grows all over the yard, and had wrapped everything in our mail box section. 2 hours (and four completely cramped arms) later, and it finally looked more like a garden and less like a national forest:

We have been up to some shenanigans on the inside too... but I will hold those hostage until tomorrow.

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