Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Since You've Been Gooooooone... 15 Thing Update

1). I broke my first bone. It happen while playing soccer on a boat. I'd like to say its a long story, but that is actually the entire thing.

2). We welcomed 3 new babies into our family in the span of 2 months. Yes, our life is overwhelming with adorable. Send me some ugly puppy pictures, would you?

3). I chopped my hair off. Again. And regretted it. Again.

4). I crossed seeing New York off my bucket list.

5). Painted 4 rooms and redid flooring in 2. Also tried tile paint for the first time and adored it, just as soon as the toxic cloud made its way out of our house following the actual use of said paint.

6). I road tripped through 4 states with the BHO. Who says you can't exist on a diet of jelly beans and salt and vinegar chips?

7). The smartest got his MBA and was, of course, in the top of his class. My eyes may have glistened in proud spousal tears.

8). Celebrated 4 years of blissful (ahem, most days) marriage.

9). Went to 11 states: New York, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Colorado, Kansas, Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas and California.  And also stopped briefly in 3 countries: Honduras, Mexico and Belize.

10). I started writing a trilogy in June.

11). I had around 880 amazing clients. It was a fun year full of most creative and delightful people.

12). We discovered the cinnastack pancake at iHop. And promptly gained 20lbs.

13). We survived another tornado season- and this year, for the first time in the last 3, we didn't have to replace our roof! Here's to THAT trend continuing in 2016.

14). We went skiing together for the first time. Surprisingly, no lasting injuries from that experience, other than psychological ones.

15). We went to Disney World with the artist family and tried to smuggle Mickey home with us in our pocket, but alas, to no avail.

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