Friday, February 5, 2016

Three Things

It's been awhile since I've done a "three things" post. I thought that I used to do these frequently, but when I searched for them I only found one. Which means that either the continuum in my brain is breaking down (likely) or that they were on the old blog, which I removed from the interwebs a year ago after reevaluating my stance on my extended family's privacy.

Thing 1:
I have developed "cornhole shoulder," which is the product of enjoying a Christmas gift that we received a little bit too much last weekend. After roughly 8 hours of playing... I can now get the beanbag into the hole once every 23 turns. Have I mentioned lately how I long for athletic skill and prowess?

Thing 2:
I finished painting the hallway yesterday. Next, I might consider hanging things on the walls. Which I am notoriously bad at, because it involves straight lines and poking holes in the wall. This is part of my not-so-secret plan to finish all of the lingering painting jobs before the year is out.

Thing 3:
I went to the store to return a swimsuit yesterday. And when I came home, I had somehow managed to purchase a sweatshirt with a buffalo on it, a plaid hat with earflaps, a pair of swimsuit bottoms, and a dress with a reindeer on it. I think I should maybe avoid the post-holiday sales from now on.

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