Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5 Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas

Valentines Day is in two days. Did you know that? If this is the first you are hearing of it... you may very much need a quick Valentines Day bail-out plan. Never fear- your local overly excited holiday guru is here!

Make Dinner
We women love us some home cooked meals. Even if your skills only stretch to cover grilled cheese and chips- slapping a couple candles on the table and giving us the night is romantic and thoughtful. If you really want to up your game- think about following a theme. If you honeymooned in Paris, maybe a Parisian theme. When in doubt... heart shaped food is always a fun way to go. 

Make a future reservation
If you've left your reservations for the last minute... chances are you are likely out of luck. However- you CAN make reservations at a spa or bed and breakfast or tasty restaurant for a few weeks or  months out. Keep in mind, however, that she will probably know that you put things off too long- so make sure and supplement this plan with something on the day of. 

Sentimental Gift
Gifts really don't have to be expensive. Something simple like putting together a photo album with photos of the two of you- or setting up an electronic photo frame with pictures of your good times can be just as romantic as the ridiculous diamonds that are splashing across commercials at the moment. 
Make a weekend plan
Instead of just doing dinner- put off your Valentines Day Soiree until the weekend and make a day of it. Maybe you dig the brunch and antiquing... the smartest and I are more of the donuts and garage-saling breed... either are the perfect way to start off your V-day. 

Have a take-out picnic
On V-day... all the good restaurants are packed. Even some of the bad ones are packed. For people who like their sweatpants more than life itself- going out on Valentines Day can be more of a chore than a joy. Consider getting take out and having a living room picnic instead of braving the mobs. 

Make Dinner
I know, I know. I used this one already. However- I am a huge love-cooker, which means I feel like cooking is a really great way to express love. You can cook dinner together- or brave that favorite dish of his that is just too hard (or, more likely, too high calorie) to make on a regular basis. The smartest loves him some lasagna. Last year, I attempted to make my mom's famous lasagna recipe for him on V-day. It was crunchy. Needless to say, we will be going out this year. 

Since V-day is a little more geared towards us gals getting our way, it might not be possible to plan a big activity without getting in the way of his plans. However- you CAN plan something for the next weekend (or month) that is just for him. Maybe a little paint-balling, or a James Bond marathon will go a long way in making your sweetie feel loved. 

Sports. Guys love sports. One thing guys love more than sports? Going to sporting events. Last year the smartest and I went to an NBA game as my V-day gift to him, and it was SO fun. Getting your fella tickets to see his favorite team (or, if you are on a budget, seeing an arbitrary team that sells tickets cheap, like your local hockey team if you live south of Colorado) means that not only does your dude feel loved, but you have a built in date night in the future!

Progressive Dinner
If you can't quite agree on where to go for dinner, maybe hit a couple of places that all have things you like. This typically works best with fast-ish food places, not places that need reservations. For example- if the smartest and I were going to plan a progressive dinner- it would probably go something like this: Dr. Pepper from Panera, Chicken from Canes, Fries from Arbys, Cheddar Bites from Sonic, Milkshakes from Braums and Apple Pie from Walmart. And this would explain why project "lets get skinny for the summer" is progressing more slowly than expected. Darn Cheddar bites. 

Video game tournament
Getting a little competitive with your sweetie on V-day can be fun and completely free. Challenge your guy to a Wii bowling tournament, winner gets a back rub, or loser has to make dinner. Even better- set up a round robin challenge to keep things fair. The smartest can best me at Wii Archery... but I can nearly always flail him off the screen in Wii Fencing. 

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