Thursday, March 14, 2013

As the Puppy Grows

I was shooting for a really hokey soap opera title for this post, but I just couldn't choose between the horridness that is "as the puppy grows" and "the days of our puppy". I suppose the fact they are both tortured puns that don't make much sense should have indicated to me that neither was a good option, and I should have called it something else. Alas- we live and we learn.

Speaking of living and learning- did you know that the puppy is nearly 5 months old? She was laying in my lap while I was working on my failed fox illustration yesterday, and she was SO long. So long, actually, that I had to turn my legs sideways so I didn't smush her face into my drawers. The lack of smushing and leg turning let me to sort through all of our old puppy photos, to see exactly how much she has grown in the last couple months. Here's a little timeline for you:

In other news... the puppy can jump off the couch by herself, jump on the couch 1/3 times... and is pretty well potty trained. Yay. So much yay.

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