Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Overly Ambitious Event Planner

Do you guys ever get completely sucked into the idea of throwing a severely over the top party? Usually this happens to me while I'm browsing Pinterest (or while I am doing invitation designs)- I come across gorgeous food ideas and thrifty decor options and I am suddenly overcome with the party throwing itch.

Seeing as I have a lack of cause to be throwing an over the top shindig (and lack the self confidence... I'm always afraid people will judge my bubbly and overly excited spirit)- I thought I would throw a little online bash for all of you delightful folk.

You are cordially invited to my Salute to Spring:

I will be serving:

Coconut square 
Watermelon Bites
Hummus Bites
Glitter Cookies
Taco Bites

And decorating with:

Bird Sign
Teacup Lights

Don't worry about RSVPing... I think you just inadvertently attended. I tell you... this is the way to party!

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