Tuesday, September 17, 2013

B is for Bon Voyage: Nice, France

We hopped on a high speed train (200 miles per hour, baby) and headed over to Nice (pronounced "nee-se" to meet up with some of the smartest clan! It was quite a whirlwind getting to the station and finding our way around... and by whirlwind I do mean a whirlwind of small amounts of panic on my part.

We couldn't figure out how to order anything on the train other than "expresso" and things that we could physically point at. That chocolate was gooooooooood. With 9 "o"s. That's right. So good that I got all jittery and took the world's worst photo:

Our ride from the train station was pretty awesome- Nice is a really unique place that has mountains AND sea (the Mediterranean to be more precise), with views galore. And yes. I sat and snapped photos through the window to my heart's content.

Our first full day in Nice, we went to a little place called St. Paul de Vence- which is essentially an old medieval town that is overflowing with little shops and big charm. I had myself a bit of a hay-day taking photos... but fortunately for the smartest all that photo documentation prevented me from having a hay-day of the SHOPPING variety.

Us girls even overpowered our fellas and strong armed them into taking a few photos, which is always a feat of strength and patience for everyone involved.

I made friends with the local wildlife. The smartest was skeptical as to what may have broken in my brain that made me feel like petting the kitties whom I had never met was a good idea, but I was reasonably sure that they were house cats, or belonged to one of the shops. One of them even tried to follow me home... apparently I know how to make an impression on the feline mind.

We wandered through several art galleries, which were full of delightful pieces of inspiration (and some odd pieces that were less inspiring). I wish I could tell you who is responsible for these beauties, but I suppose you could always pop over to St. Paul's and ask. See if you can find me creepily hunched over in the elephant photo. You're welcome for the afternoon giggles.

We ended the night snacking on this something tasty while watching dusk settle over the city. Who's the luckiest girl in the world? Pretty sure its me. Speaking of lucky... tomorrow I will regale you with tales on how I didn't fall into the Mediterranean Sea... though the smartest's shoes DID take the plunge.

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