Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Photo Mapping

The smartest and I are sort of obsessed with GPS tracking our photos. As I mentioned yesterday in my post, we will literally take a photo of nothing, just to add a new dot to our photo map (that's right Detroit. Sorry that I only took a photo of the tarmac).

Until recently, my photo map was mostly contained to the mid-west, because that is where the majority of our family lives. This year, however, we are having ourselves a busy little travel year, so the map has gotten MUCH more interesting, quite suddenly.

The iPhoto map is really pretty cool. It breaks down where your photos have been taken by state, country, city, and recognized place (and apparently, the church we go to is recognized by Google. Nicely done, church of ours). My favorite listed place is "North Atlantic Ocean" and "North Pacific Ocean", because it makes me feel like maybe we ventured out in a boat into the ocean to take photos. Which, by the way, we didn't.

So if you ever see us pulled over on the side of the road in no-man's land, you can pretty well bet that we are taking a photo to score a dot on our awesome map of travel.

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