Thursday, September 26, 2013

Owl Baby Shower Invitations

A couple of months ago, the BHO mentioned that she might be in the market for some baby shower invitations for her sister in law, who is having a baby girl in November. I started thinking about a way we could make something really cute and unique, and I remembered the bat card:

And since bats aren't overly baby friendly, I decided to take the wings idea and do another design. And what do all babies love that have wings?


Just kidding. Owls. The answer is owls. So I designed this little gal, complete with wings:

Feel free to ignore my very neglected nail polish. I have since given up on painting my nails since I am unusually hard on my hands, apparently. From what I can tell, I think people liked it pretty well! So. The moral of the story is that if you like babies, owls or dragons... I'm your girl. And that the BHO is an awesome supporter of B is for Brown (actually, all of the artist family seriously are), which I very much appreciate.

Rats. Now I want to make a dragon baby shower invitation. Anyone out there having a dragon themed baby shower?

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