Tuesday, October 1, 2013

3 Things

You know its going to be a great day when I'm doing a 3 things post, because it means one or all of these things:

- I'm too scattered to manufacture an actual blog post
- I've overdosed on coffee again and can't confine myself to a chair for more than 5 minutes
- All of my creative juices have escaped my body leaving me a hollow shell and I'm going to spend my day trying to sweep them up.

Todays 3 things are:

1). Have I ever told you about the naming paradox? Its this super bizarre thing that has started happening in the shop this year. Occasionally, I will have a rash of orders from people by the same name. At first I thought it was just a fluke- names like "amanda" or "sarah" were sort of common when I was young, which means that there are probably quite a few of them running around out there, and some of them are sweet enough to order things from me. But then it started happening with more unusual names. And then the people with the same names started ordering the same things. In the same colors. And then my brain started to hurt, because keeping everyone straight is SUPER confusing. Anyway- I have 4 open orders with the same name, 3 of them for the same product, and in the last 2 months have served 5 of another name and 4 of different one. Hows that for awesomely confusing?

The BHO and I found these at Anthropologie last weekend. I want to make some.

2). I can't believe it is October already. I'm torn between delight and panic, in a state of being which will henceforth be known as "Delanic" because it sounds like manic, which is how I feel.

3). This month is the shop's 2 year anniversary. I'm pretty excited. I will probably post about it, unless the delanic state completely overtakes me, in which case I will probably babble some more about names and other weirdness.

And also, in case you were wondering what it looks like when the smartest does his homework:

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