Tuesday, September 24, 2013

B is for Bon Voyage: Nice (part 3)

We have come to the final day of my re-caps. Are you impressed that I have made the experience of blogging about our trip twice as long as the trip itself? You should be throughly impressed. Today I thought I would just share the pieces I haven't shared yet, in no particular order.

One day, we had lobster. It had a face. You guys know how I feel about faces on my plate. I ate most of it anyway- be impressed.

We went wandered around town a little one day, and took photos outside this large and awesome casino. I love that our casinos have fake fronts to look awesome... but this one was legit awesome.

I loved the flags along the water. There was something very internationally cool about seeing all of the flags side by side. Even though at least half of them were actually flags for hotels.

The boys hated taking photos. We eventually just cut them out of the equation and took girl photos instead.

And that lasted for all of 5 seconds. Because lets face it- we love having photos of/with/near our fellas. And annoying them is sort of enjoyable:)

They fed us lots on the ride home. At one point, there was ice cream. It was crazy.

We flew back through Detroit, I think? I took one photo, because I wanted to add a GPS dot to my photo map.

The puppy was pretty excited to see us. She decided she needed to touch me at all times, to prevent me from leaving again. So there was quite a bit of this action the next couple days:

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