Thursday, September 19, 2013

B is for Bon Voyage: Italy

We decided to take a day trip to Italy. Which pretty much blew my mind. I mean... who takes a DAY TRIP to Italy? People who live in France, apparently. We drove through/past Monaco on our way, which was really cool, and spent nearly the entire drive on the coastline... which led to the most GORGEOUS views. There is probably smudge marks on the back windows of the car we drove from me staring outside so intently. Ps- that's where the black lines in the photos came from. The back window. I make no apologies... now you can have the full driving experience!

We spent the day in Italy shopping, which was really fun. There was also some gelato- which was delicious (and my very first). The architecture there was equally as awesome as the architecture in France.

The stores were so interesting. There was everything from super high end stuff to people peddling wares on the street- which made for a fun and diverse experience. Apparently I thought this display was pretty awesome.

After making the trek back across the border, we did a little celebrating of Mrs. K's birthday (I'm still working on a pseudonym that makes sense. We are getting convoluted up in here, you guys). There was chocolate. It was awesome.

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