Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Goals. Erm... Notions.

I've been debating my 2014 goals for about a week now, going back and forth on what exactly I am hoping to accomplish this year. As always, I am plagued by fear of failure, and find myself tempted to set easy goals, so I don't end my year disappointed, particularly in a semi-public forum.

Apparently I should put bravery on the list of things I want to accomplish this year.

Usually I sit down to write my goals and find myself with concrete ideas- like "exercise like a maniac" and "teach the puppy to do a handstand". This year, however, I'm feeling a bit more ambivalent in my goal making. Though I do have certain specific goals, particularly where the shop is concerned, mostly I am finding myself with notions, rather than goals.

Here are my notions for 2014:

Be brave. Be imaginative. Be honest. Be heartfelt. Be secure. Be intentional.

Of course, I do have a COUPLE of concrete goals for the year:

- Buy a new desk. One that isn't slowly bowing under the weight of my gorgeous monitor. And maybe one that doesn't squeak when I type.
- Add one "freebie" printable per month to my "freebie" collection (located here).
- Make the guest room more "guesty" and less "room for hiding stuff". The smartest and I have tons of family that comes through town, and our weensy furniture-less room really isn't cutting it anymore.
- Do a Bible study. After my disappointing spiritual shortcomings in 2013, even ONE would be an improvement.
- Write more. On blogs, napkins, in journals, on walls... whatever it takes.
- Design pretty things. Then sell them. Then do a happy dance.
- Broaden my artistic horizons.

So. What are your 2014 notions? Anyone have a desk they want to send over of sturdy construction and squeak-free?

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