Monday, January 6, 2014

Grief and Elation

Last week, I stood by as a family very near to my heart knelt under the sharp sting of incomprehensible loss. The kind of loss that takes your breath away; sudden, unbearable and completely mystifying. The kind of loss that leaves not only grief in its wake, but confusion and an aftertaste of utter unfairness.

I feel a sense of guilt in claiming even a corner of their loss- I know that my sadness is a pale shadow in comparison to the heart wrenching cascade of grief that running its course through their lives. I know that sadness has settled over each life that was touched by this dear mother and friend, and I strongly suspect that the majority of the pacific northwest finds itself on its knees today, in grief, prayer and frustration, because of the mighty impact made by this joyous and Godly family in each life they entered. 

In times of grief, we are tempted to raise our fists and demand that God give us an answer, a reason for stealing away those among us we hold most dear. In situations of sudden loss, I very nearly wonder if God holds off for as long as He can- if He waits outside the door until he can't possibly bear to be apart from His child for another moment before He bursts in and scoops them up in a flurry of embracing and excitement. If ever there were a child of His that could elicit a response of utter elation from God, I do believe that it would be this kindhearted and cherished woman. 

May we all strive to live the sort of lives that cause God to be elated upon our return home. 

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