Tuesday, April 1, 2014

B is for Bon Voyage: The Oregon Coast (part 2)

The artist clan spent Thursday taking Portland by storm. And by storm I actually mean by lightrail. We spent the day poking around bookstores and topped the day off with a visit to one of my top 10 favorite stores... IKEA! In case you were wondering... I AM the annoying person in the family who routinely shrieks "Stop! We have to take a photo" while the rest of the artist clan very sweetly humors me. Fortunately for the smartest... we had very little available suitcase space. Which limited my purchases to some moose shaped cookie cutters, some measuring spoons and a couple of cutting boards.

The smartest and I have been blessed with an exceedingly large family. In addition to having many members, all of whom we are inordinately fond of, it spreads across the country in every direction. Said spread-out-ness sometimes means that we don't get to see everyone as often as we would like, but it makes the moments we do have that much more precious. Mama artist was sweet enough to supply me with a couple photos of the artist clan that assembled to dig their toes in the last week:

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