Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Calendar Love

Did I ever tell you guys about the 2014 calendar that I illustrated for the smartest and I? In the midst of busy season last November, I got it in my head that we NEEDED (not wanted, NEEDED) to have a 16X20 calendar with illustrations for each month. "What fun", I thought to myself, "How neat! I could use a hand cramp right about now". So, right around Christmas time, I found myself with this little guy proudly in hand (and yes. The smartest does make me retire the glitter-deer for the other 11 months of the year)

In the interest of full disclosure... we don't use it much. It is actually currently situated behind our coatrack, rendering it at least mostly useless, but it was a fun project to explore. I based most of the hair/clothing choices on things we actually wear on a regular basis (though, of course, in the illustration it looks as though my hair isn't attempting to overthrow the rest of me on a regular basis. Which is inaccurate). And if I had drawn May the way it actually is... you would see the puppy and I cowering in a storm shelter, rather than frolicking under an umbrella. But you know... artistic license and all that.

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