Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summertime Mad-ness

Do you guys remember when I used to be a good blogger?

Hold on. Let me rephrase that.

Do you guys remember when I used to be a CONSISTENT blogger?

Those were the days, huh? This whole new house + busy season thing is really keeping my hands full (not to mention a puppy who seems determined to collect all of the burrs in the whole world). Well, that combined with one bought of illness, one set of friends moving into a new house (closer, YAY), one wedding, a new storm shelter, two family gatherings, one road trip, 7 NBA playoff games (viewed from the living room) and 5 soccer games. We are loving the new house, though, and I promise we will have photos eventually. In the meantime... here are a couple photos from NEAR the house. The smartest has gotten so used to me sprinting out the front door to catch the sunset that I don't even think he notices it anymore.

Oh, and proof for those of you who were wondering whether or not we are still living. We are.

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