Tuesday, September 30, 2014

House Update: The Shop

The smartest and I had a busy weekend. With our semi- annual big trash day on the horizon, we cinched our belts and decided it was finally time to tame the shop.

Since we have moved in, the majority of the shop has been dark, dank, and filled with items that didn't belong to us. Some of said items were kind of cool (like an old metal sled) and some of them were sort of weird (shopping cart, anyone?). But most of it was just gross. Gross and filled with mice nests and snake skins, as it turns out. There was even a nest that I'm pretty sure belong to a velociraptor (guys- it was HUGE).

We started the day with this:

And 9 short (and by short I do mean painstaking and long) hours later we had this:

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