Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I want to bite the muffin man

The smartest and I are on a health kick. I know, I know, we health kick every couple of weeks it feels like... only to be slowly seduced and led astray by soda, chocolate and the all important Chili's chips and salsa with ranch.

The smartest and I decided that we were in need of a bit of a life style change, so we decided to start a new eating regime in September (notice how I didn't say "diet", because the word "diet" sounds nowhere near as awesome as "eating regime"). We are trying some new things, including tracking our fitness and having a bit of competition between the two of us.

Shockingly, its actually been pretty fun so far. Something about being in competition with each other reminds us to be a bit more active, so we have been swimming more, playing soccer, and even ran a 5K last week (in the pouring and rather chilly rain), just for fun. Though my calves STILL aren't sure it was fun.

We have also opted to limit the grains/sugar/carbs that we consume. So we are trying to stay on the meat/veggie/fruit side of things. No bread. No chocolate. No snow cones. Here's what our house looks like these days after I hit the grocery store:

Shockingly, I haven't chased a bread truck down the street yet. But don't worry... it is still early. I may yet find time in my day to bite the muffin man.

A couple of things that we have discovered so far:

- The smartest likes mangoes
- I like grilled squash
- When you don't eat sugar, ripe fruit really does start tasting incredibly sweet
- Between the 2 of us, we can consume roughly 10 bananas in one week
- Friendly competition is an excellent motivating tool

We are definitely seeing some results- I, for example, can feel that we are eating less salt because my wedding rings fit the way that they did when we got married. We both feel quite a bit better most of the time- which isn't to say that we don't also feel hungry ALL the time, but we definitely feel better. Here are a couple of the recipes that we have tried variations of and liked:

Chicken tenders with avocado sauce  
One Pan Chicken 

Wish us luck as the Halloween Candy starts sneaking on to the shelves!

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