Friday, April 22, 2016

Three Things

1). I'm painting the living room. That particular project has been on my to do list since we bought this house, and somewhat randomly early this week I thought "What the heck. I may as well just tackle thing bad boy." I am using leftover paint from other rooms of the house, so three walls (including the 2 super tall ones) will be that weird white/gray color that I used in the hallway, and one will be the blueish gray color that the laundry room/guest room accent wall are. It might look terrible. But even if it does, at least the holes and gouges will be filled, so either way, that's probably a win. Or so I keep telling myself.

2). In the process of painting the living room, I am hoping to rearrange some of the wall things. I had a wall of family photos that I really love, but I have secret dreams of doing some large scale paintings and putting them along the back wall, and dispersing the family photos to one of the 19 other empty walls in the house. As you might recall... I have mixed success with painting. But I think its time for me to saddle up again.

3). I may have finished my super secret writing project. And by may have, I mean that I did. Which was actually quite surprising. Its a little low on the word count side, but I have some things to add during the editing process. No, I don't have any idea how that happened so quickly. Now, armed with highlighters, pens and sticky notes, I am going to embark on editing. Which I have virtually no idea how to do. I'm still trying to make a definitive plan there. Will keep you post-it (hehe).

Ps- Its storm season. Be safe out there!

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